Thursday, 11 September 2014

90s Hair Tutorials

Not sure if you've noticed, but elements of the 90s are subtly creeping their way back into our lives. Jelly shoes, flatforms,crop tops and bucket hats reigned the Summer fashion trends, with a Marmite-like reception. The winter months may rid us of some of these fads, but I feel the 90s theme will remain for quite some time yet.

One aspect of 90s fashion that I feel can be brought into the modern day without an assault on the visionary senses is 90s hairstyles. Teamed with all the other garish garb and we're close to a fashion disaster, but tone it down and incorporate with this season's trends and you've actually got something. 

I just recently bought a lushious floral scrunchie from New Look, which inspired me to do a little 90s hair tutorial. I've chosen my two favourite styles so far: the Double Buns and a Scrunchie Half Up Half Down

Double Buns

Scrunchie Half Up Half Down

P.S: If your hair is thick and resists backcombing like mine, use a texturising spray like label.m's Texturising  Volume Spray


Wednesday, 30 April 2014

4 Simple Summer Up-Dos with Label.M’s Texturising Volume Spray

Now that I’ve got this fiery ombre look, Nat and I decided to have a little play around with some up-dos (in my living room, so excuse the mess, we're not tidy workers). Also, the lovely people at Label.M sent me their Texturising Volume Spray to try out, so all of these styles show the best way to use this product when doing hair ups.

Look 1

1)Take the top section of hair, starting two inches above the ear and clip it up.

       2) French plait the remaining hair above the ears on both side until you’ve reached just behind the ear, then    continue plaiting the lengths. Secure at the ends with a pin.

      3) Unclip the top section, add Label M spray, remembering to hold the spray about 20cm away from the hair, and then backcomb. Bring together, push forward for height, twist and pin securely.
4)Take the remaining hair at the back, twist up into a rough chignon and pin.

    5)Bring the remaining hair around into a rough bun, and pin.
    6) Take the plaits and wrap the loose ends around the bun


Look 2

        1)Follow steps 1,2 and 3 from above, but put the remaining hair into a secure ponytail.
       2)Wrap the plaits around, in opposite directions around the ponytail.

        3)Add some Label.M Texturising Volume Spray  to the ponytail for a messy texture.

Look 3

       1) Brush hair to one side
       2)Spray Label.M Texturisng Volume Spray to top part of the hair. Ruffle with fingers for a messy texture.
        3)Spray the rest of the hair with Label.M Texturising Volume Spray if you’re hair is really smooth or difficult to manipulate.  
        4)Divide hair into two sections.
        5)Take a small piece from the outside of the left section, and pass over the front  to the right section. Take a small piece from the outside of the right section, and pass over the front to the left section.
       6)  Leave out every third strand for a tassel look.


Look 4

       1)  Repeat all of the above steps except the last.
       2)Instead of leaving pieces out, incorporate all of the hair into a fishtail plat, and pull out the strands once tied to loosen it and spray well with Label.M Texturising Volume Spray. 

   Me and Nat really enjoyed working with the Label.M Texturising Volume Spray. I have really thick, sleek hair that'll slip out of any style I put it in. The spray added enough texture to make it workable and enabled us to manipulate it in a variety of ways. However be really vigilant as to how close to the hair you hold the spray. Just like dry shampoo, if you hold it too close, you will end up with grey patches. On that note, is does actually work quite well as a dry shampoo or a hairspray, and can add a bit of edge to normal straight hair. 
    I hope you find these tutorials useful, and if you're from the Bedfordshire area and want more information on Nat's work, visit

Steph and Nat 
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