Thursday, 23 April 2015

WOW Haircare Colour Security

Colour Wow Colour Security
Colour Wow Colour Security

Summer sun, sweat, swimming, styling ...

All these Summer factors can cause your dyed hair to look patchy, washy and dry, so it's important to find products that help prevent such damage and keep your colour looking fresh. 

This current heat wave, as temporary as it may be, has created the perfect conditions in which to test the Colour Wow Colour Security Shampoo and Conditioner that I was sent. 

Now I've been dying my hair purple for a good few months, using Directions vegetable dye, and as much as I adore the colour it does start to fade after two weeks or so, and to a sludgy, murky bluey green. 

I started using these products after having recently dyed my hair, just before the fading stage, and the effects have really surprised me. 

Before I go on to describe the effects, I'll say now that yes my hair did fade. Most certainly not as quickly as before, but it still faded. I do not interpret this as meaning that these products haven't done the job, as what I'll tell you in a second will prove that. The purple that I used when I first dyed my hair this colour had very strong blue undertones, meaning that's the colour that's been absorbed the most by my bleached hair, so the purple, being the weakest tone, will always fade from my hair, and I don't think that can be prevented in anyway, only prolonged. 

So, as I said before, my hair would usually fade to a swampy blue-green tone that was gross. I just wanted to re-dye over it as quickly as possible. Since using these products however, the purple has faded to reveal a vibrant aqua with subtle streaks of green that give my hair a two-tone look. The vibrancy really is amazing. I've had so many people gawp in awe at my hair, and they're so surprised when I tell them that this is a fade. 

Colour Wow Colour Security

So above are two pictures from my Instagram showing the colour my hair was just before it started to fade, and the colour that it is at the moment. I haven't dyed my hair in between. 

Hopefully from this you can see the vibrancy I'm talking about. I'm so surprised with this outcome, and I know it's down to these products because I haven't changed anything else in my hair care routine, and haven't changed the dye that I'm using either. 

Because of this, even though my hair colour changes, I can go a lot longer before re-dying because I love this blue shade so much. 

Based on the results I've experienced, I think it's easy to assume that if you use a colour that doesn't fade out as quickly as mine, the products will work wonders on its vibrancy and longevity. 

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