Grunge fashion and purple hair.

Sweetheart of all things dark, weird and wonderful.

Hello, my name is Stephanie.

Born in North London, I now live in the not so lively town of Bedford. If you love John Bunyan and the River Ouse then it’s the place to be, but for someone like me who’s driven by alternative style, beauty, adventures and anything remotely macabre, it’s a bit of a ghost town (no ghosts unfortunately).

Writing has been my 'thing' for a good 6 years now. I started off as the Editor-in Chief of my 6th form magazine, then went on to study English Literature at the University of Kent. From there I've grabbed every writing opportunity that's come my way, from newspapers and magazines to high-fashion blogs and now, my very own space.

As the photographer, stylist, editor and writer of Blood, Sweat and Heels, this blog is my baby. What started out only 9 months ago as a platform for my fashion writing and beauty reviews has now become a blossoming blog on which I share my grunge sense of style, my journey of make-up discovery (bit of a late bloomer) and life's adventures.

Leather, lace and chunky boots in varying shades of black (sometimes grey) are commonplace here, and don't get attached to my hair, because it could change colour at any given moment.


As of 4th January 2015, any items that have been sent or gifted to me from a PR company or particular brand in consideration for a product review will be marked with an asterix (*). Before the aforementioned date, I have always made it clear which products were sent/gifted to me. 

In regards to these particular products, I will always be transparent in my reviews, and never fail to inform you if a product has disappointed me or failed to meet any particular standards. 

The opinions featured on Blood, Sweat and Heels are my own (Stephanie Sofokleous) and will never be biased or swayed by any PR relationship. 

All images and written content on this blog are mine unless stated otherwise and are not to be published anywhere without my permission. 


  1. I love your logo! (: I wish I could make mind more cool looking. I'm working on it ahaha
    ~Makaela at www.makaelassuitcase.blogspot.com

    1. Hi Makaela. Thank you : ) I can't take all the credit though. I basically found a quote with similar design, changed the words, and added in the heels. Never used Photoshop before so what should have taken me 20 minutes took me like 2 hours hahaha. Getting there though : ) x x