Thursday, 12 February 2015

Valentines Brownies


I believe Valentines Day should be embraced by everyone, yes singletons I'm looking at you. Valentine's is the celebration of love, so why not extend that to your love of your family, friends ORRRRR food! 

Now I haven't baked in a while, so when I do get the chance I go a little bit crazy on the naughty scale and make the filthiest, most delicious concoctions to satisfy my cravings, and these devilish treats will bring warm belly love to absolutely anyone. 

Any avid baker will have their own personal brownie recipe that gets them their desired results. Every time I've made brownies, they've never turned out quite right and I've constantly been on the hunt for the perfect recipe. Well I found it. 

This recipe makes the gooiest, densest, richest brownies I've ever had, and it's so bloody simple! 

However, because of my baking lapse, I had to go one step further. Dense rich goo wasn't enough for me. 

If you read my What I Got For Christmas post you'll have seen that the boyfriend spoiled me with two jars of delectable spread. One is the spread form of those delicious caramel-flavoured Lotus biscuits. and the other is from Tesco's range of spreads in genius flavours. I've only tried the cookie spread and the Bourbon spread (which does actually taste like the biscuit). There's also a Custard Cream spread, a chocolate orange spread and a dark chocolate peanut butter spread. 

I want to collect them all, however for now I thought the Lotus and Cookie spreads would work perfectly dolloped in the center of my brownies. 

Boy did they. You can never have enough goo when it comes to brownies, and the burst of caramel or creamy cookie flavours work so well. This batch made about 15, and in my house they didn't last longer than two days. 

So if you and your other half are having a night in with a movie and pizza, or you're at home with the family or having a girly night with plenty of wine, spread the love with these bad boys! 

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  1. omg these look amazinggggg, i've not tried any of the new spreads from Tesco but I really want to try the bourbon and the custard cream one. i've heard that the biscoff spread is amazing but I get the impression that i'd just want to spoon feed myself it haha. When i've got time i'll definitely be trying this recipe because the brownies look delicious

    Jade x
    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog