Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Iron Fist SS15 Collection - Sneak Peak

Iron Fist SS15 Collection London Edge

Iron Fist SS15 Collection London Edge

Iron Fist SS15 Collection London Edge

Iron Fist SS15 Collection London Edge

Iron Fist SS15 Collection London Edge

I personally am getting bored of the drabness of winter. I'm pushing through it though with anticipation for the summer months, and all the awesome trends that will come with them. 

You may have read on my blog recently that I attended the London Edge event as a blogger. One of the best things about this event is getting to see the SS15 collections for a variety of alternative fashion brands, and planning your summer wardrobe. 

Iron Fist's SS15 collection stood out above the rest for me. Dropping in March, this collection is cute, fun and tongue in cheek, and I thought I'd give you lot a sneak preview. 

I've always loved Iron Fist as an alternative fashion brand. They're not cliche, and are constantly making their own stamp on the alternative scene, whilst incorporating current trends into their collections. 

I didn't take too many pictures due to exclusivity being for buyers, however from the pictures I did take, I'm sure you'll agree that calling this collection colourful is an understatement. 

This is a collection that will definitely appeal to the emerging cutesters, a trend that seems to be the 2014/15 revamp of the mid-2000s scene kid. Candy pastels, Care Bears, monster burgers and cupcakes contrast dramatically with the more gothic side of the Iron Fist collection consisting of cleated soles, bat wings and the brand's signature skulls. 

Now I was a bit too old for Care Bears when they first came out. but always secretly envied the younger kids with their colourful, cuddly companion. So you can see why I fell in love so quickly with the Care Bear travel bag. 

I'm ridiculously excited for this collection and have made mental notes of which items HAVE to be be in my wardrobe. 

I hope you've enjoyed this sneak preview of the Iron Fist SS15 collection, and look out for its release in stores and online in March.  


  1. I absolutely love Iron Fist! The new collection seems great, and that Care Bear bag is so cute oh gosh! :) Rebecca | Rebecca Marie xx

    1. They've been one of my fave brands for years. It's been so great to see them grow and develop. I wanted the entire collection. ESPECIALLY that bag!