Thursday, 26 February 2015

F is for Festivals!

Leeds Festival 2009
So it may be a bit soon to start thinking about festivals for this year, but I've seen some of the line-ups and heard some of the rumours, and it sounds like I'm going to be spoiled for choice this Summer. Here's my pick of this year's festivals with line-ups too good to miss.

Leeds Festival 2009 30 Seconds to Mars
Reading and Leeds
I've attended Reading & Leeds four times now (Reading x1 - Leeds x3)  and I think it's about time I tried something new.
Don't get me wrong, the R&L line-up for this year definitely grabbed my attention, but not because of the headliners. In fact, as far as headliners go R&L's is pretty poor. I can't remember the last time Mumford and Sons were on the radar, and Metallica seem to be recycled year after year in the festival circuit. It should be a surprise to see a band like that on a line-up, not a guarantee. As for the Libertines, well it's pretty typical of R&L to have what I like to call a 'nostalgia band' on the cards, from The Cure back in 2012 to last year's Pearl Jam appearance. It's always risky, as there's a lot of room for disappointment with bands dragged from the history books for our sentimental pleasure, and it's not that often we come away impressed.

What intrigued me about the line-up was how the festival's rock music roots are shrinking, as new artists of the genre are sharing the stage with talent in dance, hip hop and r&b. Who could say they'd ever have expected Metallica and Kendrick Lamar to share a stage? I don't think it's an overall bad thing, but the festival is definitely becoming a mixed bag compared to what it was. 

There are some bands though that I'm over the moon about being on the line-up .Marmozets, Royal Blood, Wolf Alice, Years &Years and Slaves have been obsessions of mine ever since I mentioned them in my Sound of 2015 post, so to see them all in once place would be incredible. A festival like R&L can do wonders for bands like these, so even if I don't get to go, it will be interesting to see how they excel after performing there.

Glastonbury Festival Main Stage
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So only Foo Fighters and Lionel Richie have been confirmed so far. What a pair! It's around now that rumours start circulating, and the strongest one I've heard is Florence & the Machine, which would make sense considering her new album is to be released on the 1st June, giving everyone a good 23 days to listen hard before screaming it back. Betting has been suspended on Coldplay (you can bet on this stuff?) however Blur, Prince, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Kate Bush, Fleetwood Mac, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Depeche Mode, The Who, Rihanna, Elton John, David Bowie, Taylor Swift AND Madonna are just a few of the names being bet on to fill those headlining slots.

I'm already seeing Foo Fighters at Wembley in June, but it would still be incredible to see them in a festival environment. I would be really surprised if Florence & the Machine weren't there, and if you saw her performance back in 2010 (especially her cover of Fleetwood Mac's 'The Chain') you know she'll put on one heck of a show, and have a wardrobe to match.

Other than that, Red Hot Chilli Peppers have announced a 2015 album, whilst either Prince, Fleetwood Mac or Kate Bush would make this gal a happy festival bunny. Can you imagine over 70,000 people singing Wuthering Heights?

Download Festival Main Stage
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I am ecstatic about the Download lineup. It's a festival I've always said I need to do, and I know if I went this year I'd have seen some classics. I know that Slipknot and Muse are epic performers, and KISS and Motley Crue would be so much fun (LOVE GUUUUUUNNN!!)
I've been wanting to see A Day to Remember ever since I was 18, and I'm so happy they're on the main stage too.
As for Slash featuring Miles Kennedy and the Conspirators, I've heard amazing things about their performance and Guns n Roses covers. I saw Guns n Roses (minus Slash) at R&L, and they were god awful. People were leaving the main stage in droves, so it would be awesome to see Slash do the music some justice.
I've seen Enter Shikari 8 times now so I'm not hard pushed to see them, but it is nice to see them at Download, as they're always at R&L. Seeing them once more can't hurt though right?
For me though, the cherry on top is Marilyn Manson. I adore that guy and everything he touches is gold as far as I'm concerned so it would be glorious to see him live. I would probably loose my ability to function.

T in the Park Festival Main Stage
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T in the Park 
Yay for Fatboy Slim. His tunes make up a lot of my Summer playlist so it would be the epitome of Summer to see him at a festival.  With Rudimental, Alt-J and Jamie T, this fest is oozing Summer. Considering it's taking place in July too, it's like Summerception. Summer songs creating Summer vibes in Summer. All that's missing is a pitcher of Pimms and some sun burn.

Isle of Wight Festival Main Stage
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Isle of Wight Festival
FLEETWOOD FRICKING MAC! I'm sorry, but I'm quite happy to leave it there with this one. I mean, yeah it would be pretty awesome to see The Prodigy (whose new track is perfection btw) and Pharrell Williams and The Black Keys, but I could quite happily make do with Fleetwood Mac. I grew up with them as a kid and to this day I'm still not sick of their sound. Considering I'm named after Stevie Nicks too, it would only be right for me to see my name buddy (in a non-stalker way). 

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  1. I am so excited for Glastonbury and Download this year! I couldn't agree more with the Leeds headliners being rubbish, I'll be going for the smaller bands and the atmosphere not to see Metallica etc. Loved this post :) Rebecca | xx