Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Hello Everybody!!!!!

Eeeeeek my first post!
 I'm actually more nervous about this than you can imagine, and I'm very new to this so please be kind. Having my own blog to explore and express my love of fashion and beauty has always been an ambition of mine, and I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so I've been putting off this first post, constantly telling myself there's more I can do to prepare (crazy I know) But I've forced myself to dive straight in, otherwise this blog space I've spent ages setting up will just sit here empty. 

I've spent quite some time following some amazing bloggers, and decided to get involved myself. I feel I have quite a unique sense of style that I really want to share with you. 

 I've just recently graduated after dedicating three years to an English Literature degree (another one of my passions) and I think those three years was when I really developed as a person. I discovered my passions, my own sense of style, and really thrived in being given the opportunity to be individual and discover my identity. I did struggle for a while though. Being 5'2, with a rather curvaceous figure meant that there were a few styles that were shut off to me, and for someone just starting to explore their style, that was quite hard to accept. Now though, I feel I have created something that reflects everything I love. 

I love anything dark, weird and unusual, and try my best to portray that in the way I dress, and as you've probably figured from the title of this blog, I love to wear heels, they're my weakness. The chunkier, more dramatic, and more likely they are to give me altitude sickness, the better. I would say that's what the majority of my hard earned cash goes on, so you can expect to see a lot of shoe porn haha.  

If you're wondering what you can expect from Blood, Sweat and Heels, well, it'll be a mixture of today-im-wearing posts, product reviews, trend and runway reports, some of my favorite things,  and me and my hairdresser friend Natalie (I'll introduce you to her at a later date) are going to throw some awesome hair tutorials your way, inspired by the latest catwalk and celebrity looks. 

Well aren't you guys in for a treat : p
Really can't wait to get started, and I hope you enjoy reading Blood, Sweat and Heels as much as I enjoy making it. 
Stephanie x x x x
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