Monday, 3 November 2014

Brand Lust: Miss Rebel A/W Wish List

As of yesterday, I feel that Winter weather has well and truly arrived. I had to travel back home from Halloween shenanigans having left my coat at a friends, and boy was I feeling the chill. 

In the last two months, I think we've all been sitting on the uncomfortable fence between getting the most out of our Summer clothes before they're shoved away for another year, and excitingly purchasing our new Autumn / Winter wardrobe. 

Through The Blogger Programme, I have been introduced to a new and emerging clothing brand: Miss Rebel.

I love discovering small brands like these simply because they prove that on-trend fashion can be reasonably priced. I've seen some brands that I fell in love with back in the day get way to big for their boots, so when a brand like Miss Rebel emerges, I pounce on them straight away, and spread the word. 

So I've put together a little wishlist from Miss Rebel's latest A/W 2014 collection just to show you what they have to offer and to inspire you, if not to check them out, then to get looking for small, emerging brands and to support them. 

(top left to bottom right) 




Thursday, 25 September 2014

LFWEnd Trend Shows - What's Your Favourite?

'Indian Summer' my arse. I don't care what any of those newspapers say, it's cold and I want layers! 
With such enthusiasm for wrapping up warm and the looming winter months, you can imagine my excitement for the London Fashion Weekend's  Autumn/Winter 2014 trend shows. This show was a summary of everything Autumn/Winter showcased at London Fashion Week back in February. so that we can refresh our memories as to what's on trend this season. 

I decided when I started this blog that I was going to try and add more colour to my wardrobe, and that endeavor isn't going to stop just because winter is coming. In fact, the entire fashion world seems  to be embarking on a colour for winter campaign, ditching the browns and beige for a stunning colour spectrum that should bring some light and joy to the dark gloomy days ahead. 

This show was split into four key trends, each with their own unique styles, that are so easy to achieve on a high street budget. These trends were One and Only, Candy Crush, Jungle Fever and Fairytale Ending. 

One and Only 

This trend is all about championing one particular colour. If you've got a fave shade, go for it. Scream and shout it with a head-to-toe ensemble. Whether it's green, yellow or black there's no holding back. I know you're probably thinking this trend is a little bit strange, but take a look at some of the pictures below and note how textures and layering work to separate each item so that they don't just merge into one. Geometric patterns are a brilliant way of distorting your chosen colour so that it doesn't look so bland. I've already mentioned texture, and fluidity is a huge part of that. The way your clothes move is so important. Wearing just one colour, you don't want stiff and rigid lines, you want a flowing softness that creates an interesting silhouette. 

Another way of breaking up the colour is to get tonal. Wearing varying shades of the same colour can actually be more flattering. The shades will compliment each other and add dimension to your outfit. 
Personally, I think the best shades for this trends are pastels, which you'll see more of in the Candy Crush trend. These shades are easier to get away with, and can be broken down with rich and bright notes for impact. 


Candy Crush

I think it's so lovely that pastels are remaining steadfast throughout winter. I think they are shades that suit all four seasons and are actually quite timeless, so we really should embrace them. The hues featured in this trend are very soft and natural, which makes them very easy to work with. Again texture and fluidity are important, just to give these shades a bit of life. Lace, silk, cashmere and sequins are just a few of the fabrics/ textures that you can expect to see these shades in and they all work so well together. 

Pleating and layering is a brilliant way of adding some structure, and pearl trimming makes for an elegant adornment. This is a trend that can be dressed up or down. So get out there and find what pastel shade suits you. 

Jungle Fever

I have two words for you: animal print. Yep, that's right, the animal print is coming back full force. From leopard and zebra to snake and crocodile, this trend is a menagerie of prints. 

I fell in love with the colours displayed with this trend because they compliment each other so well, but it's a combination of shades we don't see very often. A palette of orange, brown, green, black and red is what we can expect this season. Break these colours down with animal print belts, bags and shoes. 

If you're not a fan of full-on animal print then stick with accessories, otherwise look out for interesting reworkings of the classic prints we know and love, because they're being worked in such a way that they're evolving into something new. 

A trend that consists of such dramatic hues requires sharp and sleek silhouettes. As you can see below, fabrics such as muslin, organza and silk are contrasted with leather and wool. 


Fairy Tale Ending 

This trend has two protagonists: the fairy princess and the evil queen. Whoever you associate with the most, there's something in this trend for everyone. This trend has been trying to push through for years now, but this may be the year that we fully accept these fairy-tale alter egos of ours. I have wanted a cape for years, but have never felt like this trend kicked off enough for it to be socially acceptable for me to wear one. However after seeing this trend in the flesh, I've learnt there are ways of wearing a cape that don't looking like you've just come from a Cosplay convention. 

Organza, silk, lace and anything, ANYTHING sparkly or metallic  and you're half-way there. Neutrals and monochromes are good shades to utilize here so that you don't look like you belong in the Disney store, but more high fashion.