Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Sound of 2015 - Who to Look Out For!

The one thing I love about the New Year is all the new talent that will be uncovered. Last year we were blessed with George Ezra, Sam Smith, Ella Eyre and FKA Twigs. Each blessed with their own sound, they've ruled the airwaves and have soared to great heights, so what can we expect for 2015?

Well I've put together a little shortlist of some of the artists who have really come into their own recently. Whether they're supporting some of the names above, or going viral on Youtube, these guys are going to get your attention one way or another.

George the Poet
 His spoken word style uses haunting lyrics that are brutally relevant. Each of his songs on his EP 'The Chicken and the Egg' are part of one big story. After listening to one song, you're left wanting to listen to the next just to find out what happens. 

Wolf Alice 
Delicate breathy vocals contrast with riotous shrieks in this grunge mix of thrash and punk. 

She supported George Ezra back in March, and if you love a bit of George, you'll wanna check her out. Her angelic vocals bring a serenity to what is a chilled mixture of  folk and soul. Bridie Monds - Watson is only 18, but is channeling the thoughts of the disparate youth in a stunning way. 

James Bay
'Hold Back the River' is everywhere right now AND he's supporting Taylor Swift on her upcoming tour AND he won the Critic's Choice prize at the Brit Awards. His raspy voice brings atmosphere, power and emotion to the fore, placing himself in an ever-growing movement of one-man bands armed with only their voices and a guitar. 

He's predicted to win the Mercury Prize this year and features on the Mobo Newcomer shortlist.His velvety vocals are sensuous and brooding, and his sounds are a combination of gospel, electronica, and soul, with the odd guitar riff thrown in. 

Aleksandra Denton uses synths and beats to create dewy yet hypnotically beautiful Summer sounds, and teams them with her own breathy vocals. . The kind of music you want playing in the car with the windows down on a cool summer's eve. 

With their song 'The Hunter' featured on Radio 1 as Zane's Hottest Record, this duo have already marked their territory.  When played among the usual suspects of a Radio 1 playlist, they stand out like a sore thumb, and that's how I first came across them. It was so refreshing to hear something so gritty on a commercial music station, and Greg James' reaction summed it up: 'Finally someone with something to say.'

Sunset Sons
The grit and twang of Kings of Leon's Caleb Followhill, but with a chilled, folky-funk.

Years and Years
I can seriously see these following in the footsteps of Disclosure and Clean Bandit, and completely owning dancefloors everywhere this summer. Angelic, soulful vocals with 90s R&B beats . 

Tove Lo 
You've definitely heard her, you probably just don't know it. Featuring on Alesso's 'Heroes (We Could Be)' and the latest Hunger Games soundtrack, her gritty rasp is making ears prick up everywhere. Her debut single 'Habits' was released 18 months ago, but has only just worked its way into the charts. I'm actually willing to make a bet that you recognize it! 

A sweet voice that packs a poppy, dance-floor punch. She's cute as a button but has a quirky, cool-girl edge. 

The synth-pop genre seems pretty saturated at the moment, and it's pretty hard to find something that really stands out. Making it onto Urban Outfitter's playlist, their unobtrusive climb has them down as a newcomer to watch. Their delicate fusion of hip-hop beats and dreamy vocals make for juicy feel-good tunes. 

For me to like a female-fronted band, that voice has to have some oomph. Some depth. Something you can mime to whilst looking like you have a serious attitude problem. The Marmozets are making a name for themselves in rock music. Zane Lowe loves them, and now so do I. Melody, sweetness and rage are mixed together to give you something intricate and meaningful, but also something you can rock your arse off to. 

The Aquadolls
Take the 1950s 'Beach Boys' melody and throw in the sultry, psychadelic voice of Melissa Brooks and you've got some tunes that will make you wanna pack your bag and go on an American Road trip in a vintage Cadillac. 

La Roux 
Yes we all know La Roux, but she disappeared off the face of the earth for a while and we thought it was all over. But she's back with a nostalgic 80s vibe that you can't help but tap your feet to. 

Can punk be exotic? YES! These ladies from Madrid sprinkle their dulcet tones with flowers and childish melodies. They'll make you desperate for Summer! 

Doja Cat
Remember when Azaelia Banks released '212', and we were all wishing we could be that effortlessly cool? Well I hate to break it too you, but we've got to go through that all over again with Doja Cat. Her R&B beats are so fashionable and on-point you want to walk down a runway in your finest with them blaring in the background. 

Purity Ring
I've loved Purity Ring for a while now. There's just no one like them. You only need to listen to 30 seconds of their album 'Fineshrine' and you'll be mesmerized. Even if it's not your thing, I guarantee you'll be intrigued by the macabre lyrics that are sung with a Cheshire Cat smile and backed by layers of sexy, circus-esque sounds. 

Royal Blood
Radio 1 have been playing Royal Blood constantly for the last two months now, and I can't get enough. Posters of their album smother the London Underground, and they're set to support the Foo Fighters on their next UK tour (which I've got tickets for!!!!!!) Their sound echoes that of Wolfmother, and each song has guts and power. They've already burst onto the scene, but I can definitely see them sticking around. 

Benjamin Clementine 
If Nina Simone was a guy, this is what it would sound like. The vocals grip you more than anything else, and you feel enveloped in a poem. The first time I listened to Cornerstone, I was transfixed. I daren't move for fear of interrupting such hypnotizing sounds.

Marika Hackman
This ex-Burberry model and friend of Cara Delevigne has taken up making folky pop-music. Following in the footsteps of Daughter, Hackman's folk is adult. All grown-up . There's nothing kitsch about her music. It's packed with raw, intense emotion and enchanting vocals. 

They've been on The Jool's Holland Show - that in itself should speak volumes. These French-Cuban sisters are masters of percussion. Inspired by chants brought to Cuba from Nigeria, they combine the ancient and the modern and the result will give you goosebumps. 

Petite Meller 
French. Adorable. High Pitch. Colourful. I think these four things sum up Petite Meller pretty well. Her sense of style gives Lady Gaga a run for her money, however don't be fooled into thinking she's just a generic cutesy pop chic. There's something very artistic and well thought out about her music. She's kind of like Yolandi Visser's (Die Antwoord) angelic alter-ego. 

Only Real
The trends of the 90s are coming back with full force, and not just in fashion. Only Real are a hark back to the days of Brit Pop. With a voice echoing that of Jamie T, he sings of youth culture in West London. Despite the grunge vibes, there's something feel-good about Only Real that's reminiscent of Summer, festivals, and an ice cold beer. 

Rayleigh Ritchie
You don't need to watch his videos to know he does a bit of acting on the side. You may know him as Grey Worm from Game of Thrones. This is an actor-turned-musician story with no tackiness attached. Elegant piano and ghostly strings meet with powerful beats and gutsy lyrics to create something gritty and passionate. 

Josef Salvat
People are calling him the next 'Gotye', and I can understand why. Atmospheric melodies and choral vocals work in layers to create songs you want to dissect. His cover of Rihanna's 'Diamonds' is hauntingly beautiful. 

Ryn Weaver
A girl with backing from Jessie Ware, Hayley Williams and Charlie XCX is destined for success. But it would be success well earned. Her track 'OctoHate' went viral on Soundcloud back in June with its addictive synth-pop and Weaver's emotive vocals. 

Panda Bear - Noah Lennox experiments with sounds that would usually make your ears bleed and makes them melodic. Yes the result sounds like something from another planet is trying to contact us, but it's actually quite beautiful. 


  1. I was so happy Marmozets and Slaves are on here! Absolutely love them! :) Rebecca | Rebecca Marie xx

    1. I know right!! I'm obsessed with Marmozets' new album at the moment. Wish I could belt out a tune like her! x x x