Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Belated Blogmas Day 13: Black Friday Haul

Who got involved in the Black Friday madness then? 

I did, but from the comfort of my cosy warm bed. It makes me wonder whether those morons fighting over discounted TVs knew that the internet existed. 

I know this post is a while after the hype of Black Friday, but my goodies have only just arrived!

It was a little bit frustrating actually because two of the products I ordered were for Prague, but they arrived too late for me to take them *sniff*. 

Here they are now though - my bargain babies: 

The boots were actually a lucky buy, because I won a £30 House of Fraser voucher in a competition run by Sophie Hannah Richardson which meant that the boots only cost me a tenner!

The gloves and snood were a major bargain too though. Both of them only came to £23 and the gloves are real leather too!

They snood is so handy. It goes with absolutely everything, and I don't have to faff with fancy scarf wrapping (I can never do it right!). 

I adore the gloves, however my challenge this season is going to be not losing them. Every pair of gloves I've ever owned have been lost. Whether it's dropping one as I've taken it off to use my phone, or forgetting I've put them down and walking off without them, I always find a away of losing one if not both of them. The don't-loose-the-gloves challenge starts now. 

Can't wait to shoot an outfit post with them, so stay tuned! 

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